Our events are full of designer makers

Here are all our dates at Helmsley Town Hall.. Please keep an eye on this page as we will keep updating it as we get new stall holders and our social media where we will be promoting our makers individually in the run up to each event.

2022 dates

June 11/12th

This event will host textile art, artwork, wood work, glassware, home interiors, paper craft, metal craft, yarn crafts, pottery and jewellery.

This event is fully booked for stall holders.

July 9/10th

This is the first event in July and we will have with us leather work, glassware, textile art, needle felting, paper craft, home interiors, metal craft, photography, ceramics,  wood turning, illistrations, home fragrance and fluid art.


For the second event in July you will find jewellery, skincare, textile art, needle felting, glassware, home interiors, metal craft, art work, pottery and mosaic, wood engraving and acrilic art.

August 13/14th

For this event you will be able to browse jewellery, glassware, home interiors, paper craft, artwork, metal crafts, textile art. illistarions, home fragrance and ceramics.

August Bank Holiday 27/28/29th

Bank holiday event run over three days with a range of jewellery, glassware, textile art, art work, handbags, needle felting, metal craft and ceramics.

September 10/11th

We are just over the halfway mark through the events calender and here you will discover jewellery, jams & chutney, paper craft, photography, ceramics, home interiors, home fragrance and textile art.

October 8/9th

The first of two events in October and we have with us jewellery, glassware, art work, fluid art, needle felting, chutney & jams, paper craft, home fragrance, home interiors, yarn craft and pottery. 

October 29/30th 

The second event in October browse around textile art, jewellery, art work, skincare, handbags, glassware, home interiors, knitware, metal craft, yarn art, home fragrance and ceramics.

November 5/6th

This event will host jewellery, textile art, art work, glassware, handbags, knitware, needle felting, jams & chutney, home fragrance, illustrations and home interiors.

November 26/27th

The penultimate event of the year browse textile art,  jewellery, glassware, wood turning,

paper craft, babyware, knitware, crochet, home fragrance, fluid art and pottery.

December 10/11th

Our Christmas event will host textile art. jewellery, skincare, glassware, wreaths, art work, wood work, needle felting, handbags, home interiors, metal crafts and ceramics.

This event is fully booked for stall holders.